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International Product : Ximple Accounting System
Our best product launch on launching event which offer much effective productivity , efficiency and comfortable

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Ximple Accounting system, provided to you by BTSSOFT, aims to give you an experience to convert your conventional, manual business tasks into a simple, valuable computerized system.

Ximple Accounting system understands your business needs by helping you consolidate all of your business transactions into one package efficiently and effectively. Its user-friendly interface provides an easy and simple Purchasing, Sales, Accounting and Financial transaction management, while its functional and effective reporting delivers competitive advantage for your business.

As a product of years of research and development, Ximple Accounting system is sure to offer you an experience of trouble-free, straight-forward practicality.

For a limited time, we now offer a free trial of Ximple Accounting system for use up to 100 transactions. Simply read our product overview and select the appropriate business type to download the suitable version.

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